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News 2020

News 2020
January 2020

Daniel Slaman Guitars introduces the Guitars Support Children Foundation in January 2020.

The ‘Guitars Support Children Foundation’ is a private Foundation in The Netherlands, aiming to support children in need of better health care, education, safety and access to culture, anywhere in the world.
The Foundation distributes funds among charitable organisations that are working for the benefit of children.

All information is available at the website of the Foundation at

Pauletta 2020 Project guitar, no serial number

No Serial Number Pauletta 2020 is a project guitar, made to mark the beginning of the Guitars Support Children Foundation in 2020. The new decade will bring about many changes, just like any decade before. The Pauletta 2020 guitar carries a message of hope and belief that we can make positive change; it's a mental attitude. You may contribute to bring about change by purchasing the guitar of which all proceeds will be allocated to the Guitars Support Children Foundation, which in it's turn will, in the year 2020, donate the proceeds to organisation(s) that are working for children, anywhere in the world. The specific goal(s) will be established each year by the Board of the Foundation and published on the internet site of the Foundation.

VIDEO presentation of the guitar

The guitar will be sold through Daniel Slaman Guitars so as to assure you are dealing with a guitar company in terms of delivery and guarantee.

The Pauletta 2020 features a mahogany body with a flamed maple carved top. Spanish cedar neck, ebony fingerboard with vintage correct celluloid trapezoid. A Gibson P90 at the neck position, Seymour Duncan P90 at the bridge. Nashville style bridge and lightweight aluminium stop bar, 3 way toggle with volume and tone control for each pickup.
Nitro cellulose antiqued fade burst finish.

The unique case goes with the guitar; lacquered tweed, 'Geib' stripes, replaced handle, all done by Daniel himself.

Please note; the decals/sticker can be removed (for example after the year 2020) with benzene, takes a little time and effort but it works without lacquer damage. Trust me, i tried. The 2020 lettering on the headstock is inlaid and can not be removed.

Price of Pauletta 2020 is Euro 5000,-. Non-EU countries Euro 4130,- no tax price, case included, not including shipping cost.  

All proceeds of the guitar wil be allocated to the Guitars Support Children Foundation, which will support charity projects that work for children in 2020.

Neck shape is a medium C / 1959 style.
Thickness at first fret: 2,15 cm / 0,84 inch
Thickness at 12th fret: 2,4 cm / 0,94 inch

Width at nut 4,4 cm / 1,72 inch
Width at 16th fret 5,3 cm / 2,08 inch

Total weight of the guitar 3750 grams / 8.2 lbs

Solid body with an archtop vibe
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