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Solid Body
Charlie Christian style
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News 2018

January 2018

Introduction of Pauletta models

Starting with a one-off solid body guitar made for Dirk van der Meij, the idea came up to make a solid body style guitar with a distinct jazz or jazz/blues vibe. One thing was clear; the guitars would feature a Charlie Christian pickup in the neck position and an handmade 250 style suspended tailpiece.

A few guitars were set up. not really knowing what would happen to the sound if a big piece of wood would be removed to house the big magnet CC pickup. The results wera wonderful and the guitars found their way to discriminating customers even without presentation on the website.

For Daniel , the solid body guitar is a nice change in working rhythm, notably different from the hollow body steel string archtops and nylon string Dome guitars. Still, all tops on the solid body are hand carved using the traditional violin makers planes.
Solid body with an archtop vibe
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