# 40519 Yvette - slamansolidbody

Solid Body
Charlie Christian style
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# 40519 Yvette

Jazz Pauletta # 40519 "Yvette" features a two piece redwood carved top over a Western Red  Cedar back. Spanish cedar neck, ebony fingerboard with mother of pearl block inlays. CC Adjustable pickup, handmade 250 style tailpiece. Rosewood compensated bridge for playing with wound G.
Off white and slightly yellowed color finish, nitro-cellulose, antiqued.

Very lightweight guitar with open, clear yet warm sound.

This guitar is Available at CR Guitars, USA   https://www.crguitars.com/site/items/daniel-slaman-jazz-pauletta-40519

Neck shape is a C.
Thickness at first fret: 2,15 cm / 0,84 inch
Thickness at 12th fret: 2,5 cm / 1,00 inch

Width at nut 4,45 cm / 1,75 inch
Width at 16th fret 5,5 cm / 2,16 inch

Total weight of the guitar 3270 grams / 7.2 lbs

Solid body with an archtop vibe
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