Solid Body
Charlie Christian style
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Welcome to Daniel Slaman solid body guitars.

A short definition of a Slaman solid body; archtop guitar tone and feel with a solid body guitar.

Designed for those who love old school jazz and blues sounds but want to have it in a smaller package than a hollow body archtop guitar. Made with (for a solid body guitar)  non-traditional lightweight woods like spruce, South American cedar, redwood. And that one unmistakingly discriminating factor........ a Charlie Christian pickup with the big magnets in the neck position.
On top of that, a wooden bridge and a handmade trapeze 250 (pre-war) style tailpiece.
The Jazz Pauletta is a true solid body guitar with a central cavity for the Charlie Christian pickup. The magnets of the CC pickup are visible through the back plate.
The CC pickup has unique adjustable pole pieces; authentic tone combined with modern adjustability of output for each string.

To complement the serie, the Pauletta model has an added Seymour Duncan Custom P90 in the bridge position to go into jazz/blues territory. More traditional wood choice like a maple carved top. Metal bridge for optimum adjustability and tone.

Important notice: Slaman solid body guitars are not made to order; check availability under Stock on this site. There is one exception; left hand guitars can be made to order, but even then they will always feature the Charlie Christian pickup in the neck position and the 250 style tailpiece. No exceptions.

Important notice; it has come to Daniel's attentention that forgery of Slaman guitars has been offered on the market; if in doubt about authenticity or provenance please contact Daniel at

Sometimes a solid body guitar is available at CR Guitars in the USA, the only dealer for Daniel Slaman Guitars in the world.
Solid body with an archtop vibe
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